Brooklyn-born Italian, Roxanne Fontana, was raised in the City of New York and Long Island. She cut her teeth with her bands Kid Blue, and Ruzenka & the Big Dream, at the popular night spots of New York City including CBGB, The Bitter End, Webster Hall, and more. In 1999 she recorded her first album with legendary rock n roll drummer Dino Danelli of The Young Rascals. Thus began her eclectic recording career of her original composition songs as well as songs by other writers. Love Is Blue is an electronic dance collection. Her second album, Souvenirs d’Amour, was recorded by The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael who lent his musical expertise to every track and manifested her dreams of a creative folk-rock record. These albums, originally released on Etoile Records, are re-released in 2022 here on Sprezzatura Records. Her other releases are Best of the 80s, a compilation recorded in Arnhem Holland and Sprezzatura is happy to announce the latest release, ‘The Singles 2010-2020’ which is a collection of Roxanne’s download singles of the last decade, including ‘Time Won’t Wait’ produced by Jack Douglas. During the pandemic lockdowns Roxanne began recording her self-produced album, Phantasmagorgy, which is now available on download from download houses, as well as cds directly from this website. The album is a departure from the usual rock n roll sound where she shines.  Lyrically, psychedelic and circumspect, Roxanne has defined the atmosphere as “living in a dying world.”  She explains it is not merely about the pandemic, but the aging population, the destroyed environment of planet earth, and general ignorance of “the poisoning of body and planet for profit”.   However, the attitude on the record is that the central character is standing among ruins, and not going anywhere! Recorded in London with local British musicians, as well as parts being ‘flown’ in from different places around the world.  Despite the album containing many cover songs, it is a unique listening experience, and Roxanne states the only obvious influence to her ears is the latter era music of The Yardbirds. 

A singer, a poet, a guitarist, a writer, a video star, a mother, a producer, an astrologer, a jewelery and clothing designer … The 1959 born artist picks up steam with each year, a lust for life, a creative over-drive and force of yesterday, today, and the future. In the mid 1990s, Gerard Malanga prophesized that she was “the voice reaching the millennium”, upon hearing her demo tapes. Rock journalist and music expert Lenny Kaye has described her music as “shimmering night time pop.” ‘Don’t Leave Me,’ and a Rolling Stones cover-song, ‘Singer Not The Song,’ are the first two single download releases from Roxanne’s upcoming August 2024 album, Some Have Fun which will be her sixth album.

Mat Treiber

Born in Montreal in 1979, of a British mother and American father, Mat Treiber is a lead guitarist and singer songwriter of unadulterated pure old school rock n roll. Migrating to New York City in 1998 he soon found himself working a ‘day job’ at the famous Manny’s Music Store on 48th Street. He quickly joined local bands, and then formed his own band to play the clubs of New York City. In 2000 he teamed up with a mentor, the late Benjy King, a session musician and keyboardist with the popular 80s rock group Scandal. Benjy took Mat under his wing and produced an ep’s worth of songs that was released as a cd (now out of print) on Etoile Records. Moving to Hollywood and playing with different musicians, young Mat found himself at the top spots including packed shows at Johnny Depp’s Viper Room and The House Of Blues. He’s been introduced on stage in Los Angeles at The Mint club by some of the hottest names in rock n roll including Rolling Stones’ associated musicians Ivan Neville, Bernard Fowler, and Terry Reid. The Hollywood Tapes, an ep recorded as a British trio was released by Etoile Records in 2004. Sprezzatura Records is happy to announce this is now again available in 2022, as a cd and downloads. ‘Go All Around The World’, co-written by Roxanne Fontana, and ‘It’s OK Today’ were recorded Live at the Mint and released as download and 7 inch vinyl singles.

Mat has enjoyed worldwide airplay for the songs he’s recorded, including a smashing version of Neil Young’s ‘Cinammon Girl.’ Mat Treiber is also a published novelist and writer. Mat’s writers name is ‘Brett Marie’.  His first novel recently published is entitled “The Upsetter Blog.”  Published by Owl Canyon in the U.S.A.

Lex Riders

A Parisian musician of multi-European descent, Lex Riders is an exciting artist. He has been part of and fronted many bands in Paris, shifting genres including garage rock, glam, hard rock, metal, 90s pop-rock. Lex is also a writer, having penned numerous titles of short stories, novels and plays. You can find his self-published works at the link below under the name Sylvain Peter . He has also entertained as a magician.

Lex appears with Stooges’ Steve Mackay in The Meredith Hunters, in Paris, on their EP CD, “A Higher Price to Pay,” where Lex contributed to the band writing their original songs and also as a guitarist. Lex Riders’ solo EP CD, a punky venture– where he plays multiple instruments, “Neon Bright” was well received, and displays his diversity as an artist and musician. Sprezzatura Records is happy to release for download only Lex’s translated version of the Rolling Stones 1965 song, “The Singer, Not The Song”. The Gainsbourg-esq treatment works surprising well in this old British Invasion era pop song, with great atmospheric qualities in its simplicity.

Anne Husick & EXIT 99

A career musician, Anne grew up in the Borough of Queens, New York and attended the celebrated High School of Music and Art, in New York City.  An accomplished singer/songwriter, guitarist and bass player, Anne has performed and recorded with many prominent acts including Joey Ramone, Bruce Springsteen, Ronnie Spector, Wilson Pickett  and Sprezzatura Records artist Roxanne Fontana.

A long time fixture on the downtown New York City music scene, Anne performs regularly as a solo artist and with a variety of groups, including Exit 99. Their ep release now available on Sprezzatura Records through download houses and cds are also available through this site.


The 2001 birth announcement of Suki Marie in the Hollywood Reporter was a definite prophetic sign of destined great things for Suki Marie in the world of pop culture.   Suki Marie is a young musician and singer with Trisomy 21 (Down’s Syndrome).  Her expertise at piano has brought forth competition awards in her childhood, competing with mainstream children.  She has played piano and keyboards since toddlerhood and boasts of the ability to play hundreds of songs, from memory.  At age 17 she took up the ukulele, and at age 19 she took up the guitar.  An educational psychologist at the Down’s Syndrome Association in London over-heard her singing as a school girl, and pointed out the extreme rarity of DS to sing in tune.  Suki has since been assessed with perfect pitch and has been given singing lessons. 

Suki Marie has performed frequently in Liverpool at the Beatles tourist site, ‘Imagine More Cafe’ at the Salvation Army’s Strawberry Field building.  She has also performed at various festivals, and has entertained at care homes.  Her first recording experience came playing keyboards and piano on various tracks of Sprezzatura Artist Roxanne Fontana over the years.  She is the daughter of Roxanne Fontana, and Mat Treiber.  Her first release, a single, on Sprezzatura Records, is a cover of the Lee Hazelwood Nancy Sinatra 1960s hit, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin”’  Suki Marie’s abilities, and this recording and record release, is an unprecedented historical breakthrough in the world for someone with Down’s Syndrome.


Rome’s Azure Sky is a band based in England, fronted by the mother and daughter duo of singer-songwriter/recording artist Roxanne Fontana and multi-instrumentalist/singer Suki Marie.  The 43-year age difference between the duo evaporates when it comes to their love of rock ‘n’ roll.   Rome’s Azure Sky release debut single, This Boy, is available on digital and download platforms.  21-year-old Suki Marie accompanies Roxanne on the spectacular backup vocals in the bridge, as well as exhibiting her forte, playing acoustic piano throughout the song.  Taken from a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley, band name Rome’s Azure Sky alludes to the two fronting members, Roxanne And Suki, who reside in England with Italian citizenship.