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Love Love Magazine Issue 5

We are thrilled to be an outlet for purchase of Issue 5 of Love Love Magazine an international magazine out of Paris, which features poetry first and foremost, and other bits of cultural delights.  The magazine’s editor, Swedish artist and poet Lisa Marie Jarlborn, has collaborated with Roxanne Fontana on the album cover of Roxanne’s album Phantasmagorgy.  Issue Number 5, ‘The Real Fake’ which has surrealism as its theme, includes a limited edition flexi-disc of Roxanne’s (Eat the) Morning Glory, from Phantasmagorgy.  The flexi disc is fixed at the back of the inside cover.  We only have a limited amount of copies of this collectors item! 

The Sprezzatura Poster (a2)

Approximately 17×24 inches
Roxanne Fontana headshot with titles of all releases to 2021.


Roxanne Fontana –


“Phantasmagorgy is no ordinary album but then again Roxanne Fontana is no ordinary artist. It feels very much like the outpouring of a wild and free creative force channelling all of her inner self into a collection of folk-rock inspired songs which have 1960’s psychedelic leanings, a strong poetic vibe and a unique blend of both simplicity and complexity in equal measures. As a concept album, I found it to be a compelling listen which I have found myself returning to over and over again.” Louder Than War 6/22

“Being in the game for a very long time is not issue as much as is the consistency of excellence over that stretch of time!”  John Luongo, The Recording Academy

“It’s a happening!”  Greg Prevost

“‘Love the psychedelicized sound, the songs, the Donovan cover.” Alan Bisbort, Editor in Chief,

Available on 19 April 2022, on cd or downloads:
an exciting new sound from ROXANNE FONTANA

1 Announcement (fontana)
2 The Peak (fontana)
3 Morning Glory (sartre/fontana)
4 Home Sweet Home (fontana)

5 Into The Deep (mills/bevan)
6 Barbara Jones (marion)
7 Dropping Names (kilbey)
8 Hampstead Incident (leitch)

A poetic foray into the phantasmagorical cosmos of the heart, head & lyre.

The players – Roxanne Fontana – vocals 2-8, sopranini 2, tambourine 3, acoustic 12-string 4, electric guitar 7, electric 12-string guitar 7, maracas 7; Suki Marie – keyboards 1,2,7,8, background vocals 4,5; Mat Treiber – bass 2,3, acoustic guitar 2,4,5, keyboards 5, electric guitar 4,5,7, triangle 5; Helen Wilding – violin, viola 2,8; John Amato – electric guitar 3; Tom O’Driscoll – electric guitar 4, 5, 7; Richard Vernon – bass 4,5,7,8; Steve Hands – drums 4,5,6,8; Owain Hanford – drums 3; Barbara Marion – dulcimer, flute 6; Richard Ploog – drums 7; Pete Kosanovich –acoustic guitar 8.


The studios – Gizzard Recordings London, KJM Herefordshire, Wishcraft Music Studio New York, Sweatshop Studios NY, Strawberry Skys South Carolina, The Pig Pen Canberra Mixing – Ed Deegan 2,3,7,8 / Glenn Burgos 1,4,5,6; Mastered by Glenn Burgos Artwork by Lisa Marie Jarlborn and Roxanne Fontana

Executive Producer – Andy Popovich


Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Published by Chanson de September, ASCAP (usa)


First single available on download 4 April 2022:

Hampstead Incident

“This one really hits my sweet music magic place.” — Nick Victor, Editor, International Times

“Drop Dead Cool, let’s face it,” Peter Antony, Radio Caroline

Previous releases:

Love Is Blue

Release date – 1999, Etoile Records,
New York, USA
Re-release date – 2022,
Sprezzatura Records, Great Britain

Love Is Blue – Roxanne Fontana original CD on Etoile Records, c 2000 Produced by Dino Danelli, engineered by Eddie Fritz Recorded at Bomb Shelter Studios, New York City USA 1999 Track listing: The Whirligig* (R Fontana) Spring In Love (R Fontana) Your Monkey Slides (R Fontana) Love Is Blue (Popp/Cour, Fontana) No Exit (R Fontana) Spring In Love (rnr version) (R Fontana) L’amour Est Bleu (Popp/Cour, Fontana) Sans Issue (R Fontana)

Vocals: Roxanne Fontana; Electronics: Dino Danelli, Roxanne Fontana; Guitars: Eddie Fritz; Electric Guitar: Marty Willson Piper; Keyboards: Benjy King
*the ghost of brian jones

Souvenirs d’Amour

Release date – 2001, Etoile Records,
New York, USA
Re-release date – 2022,
Sprezzatura Records, Great Britain

Souvenirs D’Amour – Roxanne Fontana original CD disc on Etoile Records, c 2001 Produced by Roxanne Fontana, Recorded and Engineered by Gordon Raphael Recorded at Transporterraum Studios, New York City USA 2000 Track listing: Michael In The Garden (R McTell) Song for New York (R Fontana) Black Saturday (R Fontana) Remedy of Days (R Fontana) Dreaming She (R Fontana) In the Light (R Fontana) Eyes of the Defeated (R Fontana) Deep Sea (R Fontana) Roman’s Holiday (R Fontana) La Mer d’Obscurite (R Fontana)

Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drum: Roxanne Fontana; Keyboards: Gordon Raphael Bass: Anne Husick, Gordon Raphael, Mat Treiber; Drums: Laurent ‘lolo’ Piacentino, Ed Shockley; Electric guitar: Yuval Lieblich; Acoustic guitars, vocals: Marty Willson-Piper

Best Of The 80s

Original Released – 2013, Etoile Records,
Re-release date – 2022

Best of the 80’s – Roxanne Fontana Recorded at Stable Studios in Arnhem, Holland Produced by Roxanne Fontana; Recorded and Engineered by Track Listing: (The Color of) Imagining Whim (R Fontana) Heart Full of Soul (G Gouldman) In the Inside (R Fontana) Test of Faith (R Fontana) To Place Old Time (R Fontana)

Vocals: Roxanne Fontana; Drums: Petr DeKok; Bass: Lex Siedsma: Guitars: Igor Zalesky, Gerard de Braconier

Mat Treiber –

The Hollywood Tapes

“‘Piece of Pie’ is sung from the point of view of a hungry frog. “Now I never occurred to me that I could talk or sing or do anything, except to hop, until I bit into a piece of your pie…” A surreal work of rock’n’roll genius which should be on every jukebox all over the planet.”

– Louder Than War

Original Released – 2012, Etoile Records
Re-release date – 2022

‘The Hollywood Tapes’ EP, recorded by Jeb Lipson’s at analog studio Big Scary Tree Studio in Los Angeles, CA 2005. Mastered by Glenn Burgos in New York, NY 2012.

Track Listing: 1. Piece of Pie (Brown/Treiber) 2. It Ain’t Right (Turner) 3. Je Ne Peux Pas Voler (I Can’t Fly) (Fontana/Treiber)


Mat Treiber –

Go All Around the World, b/w It’s Ok Today

“…cool, natural rock’n’roll without any agenda, other than to entertain and make you ‘feel good’.”

– Louder Than War

Etoile Records 2017
Limited Edition Collector’s 7″ Vinyl Single

Blues psych rocker co-written with New York City songwriter Roxanne Fontana, reminiscent of classic rock ala the Who circa late 1960s, or equally Britpop ala Oasis. B-side written by Mat Treiber




Roxanne Fontana –

The Singer Not The Song

The second digital single from Roxanne’s upcoming album and CD, Some Have Fun.

“I’ve always loved this Rolling Stones song.  I deliberately wanted my version to sound very retro and of-the-era, which is my favourite era of pop music.  Despite using 16-track analogue (which is my favourite sonic format), I think we still managed to capture the warm essence of the era that the original came out in.  The guitar solo, which I wrote, I think took care of that.”

Don’t Leave Me

The first release and follow-up to her 2022 album Phantasmagorgy is a moody rocker with traces of Phantasmagorgy’s psychedelic touches still present. A San Franciscan 1967 sound is evident in the song’s chorus and a sublime electric slide guitar solo.

Some of London’s finest musicians: the record features drummer Steve Hands (The Only Ones), bassist Richard Vernon (The Mission), Alan Blizzard (Electrics, plus indie-star Pete Kosanovich contributes on Fender Rhodes; the fine electric guitar of Mat Treiber and extraordinarily talented Down Syndrome musician Suki Marie on originally composed horn samples.

The tune, taken from Fontana’s extensive stable of original songs, displays her usual lyrical wit and brilliance and melodic hooks.

Victoria The Queen (Treiber)

Recorded at Gizzard Studios, London England in 2019, mixed & mastered by Glenn Burgos at Wishcraft Music Studio, New York.

Vocals, bass, piano: Mat Treiber; Drums, backing vocals: Glenn Burgos

Produced by Roxanne Fontana and Glenn Burgos

Mat Treiber –

Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)

Release date: January 2022, Sprezzatura Records

Recorded in England in 2021, mixed & mastered by Glenn Burgos at Wishcraft Music Studio, New York.

Vocals, guitars: Mat Treiber; bass, drums, backing vocals: Glenn Burgos; piano: Suki Marie

Produced by Roxanne Fontana at Gizzard Studio, London

Release date: January 2022

Roxanne Fontana –

The Singles (2010-2020)

Release date: February 2022, Sprezzatura Records

“… an effortless swagger and command of her art.” –  Shindig! Magazine

A compilation downloads album of singles released by Roxanne Fontana on Etoile Records 2010-2020. Recorded in England,except * Electric Ladyland Studios NYC **Bunker Studios Brooklyn NY All songs mastered at Wish Craft Long Island by Glenn Burgos

Track Listing: 1. Green* (Fontana) 2. The Fields of St. Etienne (Lyle/Gallagher) 3. Another Place (Hardy/More) 4. New Moon Child (Fontana) 5. Passing Bye (Fontana) 6. Time Won’t Wait** (Fontana) 7. He Does The Look (Fontana) 8. So Much In Love (Jagger Richards) 9. Love For Sale (Hannabuss) 10. Groupie Superstar (Bramlett/Russell 11. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory (Genzale) 12. Life Trap (Fontana) 13. Une Seule Fois (Fontana) 13. Just One Time (Fontana)


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